24 hour phone line

As a (arguably) smaller, local locksmith business, customers often are not aware of the number of jobs we are qualified to perform. For a list of job examples please look below, however if you have any queries or questions regarding jobs or quotes, call us on our 24 hour phone line.

Exterior facing doors

For all front/back doors we are capable of upgrading the locks to meet home insurance standards, for example or just to improve general security and peace of mind. We can also install door chains to slow down attempts of forced entry. On top of this we can even replace the entire door affordably for a much more sturdy model if required to give your home a more secure appearance.

external door

Internal doors

Whether it’s for interior doors in the home such as toilets or bedrooms or for all of the interior doors within a business headquarters, we can upgrade all of the locks. This includes the possibility of installation of key card systems within businesses which promote ease of movement for employees and prevent unauthorised entrance to non staff members.


We’re able to install and maintain a majority of home security systems including cameras, motion lights, burglar alarms and even modern doorbell cameras. We also offer larger systems for businesses including more cameras and more sophisticated alarm systems.


Our locksmiths do not only deal with buildings but many of our call outs are often relating to the locks on vehicles. Whether you locked your keys inside your car or just lost them and need access to your vehicle urgently, we are able to arrive in a short time so you can gain access to your vehicle as soon as possible. This includes wireless keys! Many different brands of vehicles are doable, call us today to double check if your vehicle is covered.

As you can see, our locksmith business covers a very wide range of jobs that can be performed by locksmiths. Call today for a quote on any job, no commitment needed, 24 hour emergency service also available.