Available for any scale of job

Need a locksmith for your business? We do not just cater for homes or small scale businesses. Our services are available for any scale of job, whether it be a small garage or a 25 level business headquarters!

Our Locksmith will be able to change locks as well as survey and improve the security measures in place. This includes the implementation of key-card systems to promote ease of movement for employees and inhibit unauthorised entry. We understand that the security of your business means the security of your livelihood and as a result we tackle any matters to do with the business with the utmost detail as we do with homes.

Business buildings

Lock on office door

As they are not homes, business buildings are often not built with safety in mind. Many business headquarters struggle to maintain the building’s security to a high standard due to the scope of the job. This will not be an issue for our locksmith. Should you need it, our expertly trained experienced locksmith will take you on a thorough examination around your building and will point out any areas that need improvement. Our locksmith will check all rubbish chutes, vents, windows, tunnels and doors to ensure the utmost quality of security.

We won’t just stop with exterior facing security for your business. We can even help with internal security by making lockers, cash boxes and some safes more secure to help your business running the way it should without concern. Our vehicle services also apply for any trade or fleet vehicles involved with your business, we can upgrade security of trade vehicles with modified alarms and better immobilisers. As you can see, 24 hour local locksmith can help with all aspects of business, call us now to improve the security of your business headquarters or vehicles by adding deterrents and better monitoring to both! No commitment needed, just call for a quote.