Entry gained

On here we like to speak about recent jobs in the area in an attempt to educate our customers on prevention from similar experiences.

Just this month we have had 5 call outs to people who had misplaced their keys. We approach these situations with no judgement as we understand that things like this can happen to anyone on any day. In this instance, we were ready and prepared, we arrived the house with in 20 minutes and were able to gain entry to the home for the home owner as well as replace the lock in case their keys had fallen into the wrong hands.

No damage entry

Losing one’s keys is a difficult problem to prevent however there are ways to make it less likely to happen. One example is to buy a Bluetooth tracker, which we stock. These trackers are as small as a key ring and rely a countrywide network to be able to always give you the location of your possessions via a smartphone app. We recommend to all our customers to buy these so that they do not risk losing the keys again. As an added bonus they work on any small object or even on pets collars.

Similar to this occurrence, we often receive calls from customers who have locked the keys in the car or van and urgently need access to their vehicle. Again, we don’t never approach any situations like this with any judgement as we know that they are often unavoidable especially with modern technology in current cars which attempt to protect the vehicle by automatically locking it which is a great idea but often can leave people locking their keys in the vehicles. We had an example of this just last week and were able to be on site within half an hour, we were then able to gain entry to the vehicle without damaging it. If you’re in a similar situation call now for a fast and affordable response.

Modern brass key