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At Whitchurch Locksmith, we understand that often when we get calls, the problem is urgent. We therefore work hard to make sure that nobody in this area is stuck for longer than 30 minutes. Whether it be locked out of the house or car, our emergency phone line is running 24/7, 365 days a year. Locksmith Bristol are out and around in the centre as well as the suburbs going from job to job. Therefore, we are often close by when needed. All of our staff members are personally vetted by us as well as fully CRB checked to ensure that they are not just there on time but also best able to reflect the business at all times and give you the best experience.

Call us soon to get a quick responding locksmith Whitchurch who is trustworthy and friendly as well as cost effective! We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service as we understand that in this business, customers are almost guaranteed to be in a stressful situation when needing our services. We are aware of so many locksmith Bristol that take advantage of the people who are in stressful situations by charging extra money for faster call outs or changing their price based on a customer’s financial situation. We do not operate a call out charge and we also run a price match guarantee.

At the very forefront of good customer service is our phone lines. As opposed to other businesses who shut their phone lines outside of their main operating hours, we keep the emergency line operating 24/7. This means that we are always able to try our best to get our locksmith whitchurch to you and not leave you on hold for hours as a result of everyone trying to call in the same window of 5 hours. No matter what time of day you’re reading this, if you have an emergency and need a locksmith Bristol, call now for a friendly and affordable quote from the most reliable locksmith. Or save the number for when you may need us!

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Faulty door mechanisms

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Alexa called Locksmith Whitchurch last week. It was when she found a fault with the mechanism of the locks on her door. The fault was preventing her from being able to properly secure her house. Our team responded to the call swiftly and efficiently. And Alexa’s home security was restored to the highest quality.

It is not unusual to have a faulty door mechanism on uPVC plastic double glazed doors. That’s why when the customer calls us and have this kind of door we asked some questions. These questions we asked to make sure that the fault is not just in the lock but in the whole mechanism. First we need to establish if the door is UPVC plastic double glazed. One question helps – do you need to pull up the handle when you lock the door. If the answer is, yes, then that is the door. It’s not always the mechanism sometimes to fix the fault we just need to change the barrel in the lock. And the mechanism itself if it’s broken not all days need to be swapped.

Problem fixed

Sometimes we just need to play around it. Tighten something, straighten something, put the hooks in the place. And that fixes the problem. But sometimes we need to put in a new mechanism. On some doors it runs from the top to the bottom. But on some doors it is smaller. We need to take it out measure it and then choose the mechanism that fits in the customer’s door. That is not a problem. Because our cars and vans are full of spare locks, door mechanisms and handles. And of course everything else lock and home and business security related.

Locksmith Whitchurch is prepared for any job. call us anytime you have a problem be it night or day. We work everyday 24-hours, every week and every day of the year.

Residents And Businesses

Here at locksmith Whitchurch, we are proud to have been serving the needs of the residents and businesses local to Whitchurch for many years. They now that when they call us, they will get the service we promise everytime: professional, efficient and friendly too. Our locksmith have a vast amount of experience working in the industry for years and use this to continually improve on the solutions that they can offer. We therefore believe that with us, you really do get the best service in Whitchurch.

As a local service ourselves, we understand how important it is to support other local businesses. At the heart of this is our belief in affordability. We not only want to be able to serve every customer’s needs, especially when they are locked out and it is an emergency, but think that security should be accessible for all. So with us you’ll get competitive prices, no VAT and no call out fee. If you’ve seen a price better than us in Whitchurch, let us know, and we will price match. A locksmith charge shouldn’t break the bank, and with us it won’t.

Being a bespoke kind of service, it makes sense that we offer bespoke solutions. This applies to home security, as customers often aren’t sure whether their home security is the best that it can be, or what options are available to them. For homes and businesses alike, we can discuss the security solutions available to you tailored to your concerns and budget, allowing you to sleep more peacefully at night.

Call us today and chat with one of our friendly office team. They are equipped with all the knowledge of our services and lock-related issues our customers may have, and can advise you accordingly. They’d also be happy to provide you with a free quote matched to that service, so you know exactly what you are paying upfront. We work 24/7 so that we can fit around any customer’s schedule, so if you need to meet us after work or when you close your store, just call us and we’d be happy to see you!

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Reliable local service with Locksmith Whitchurch

When you’re locked outside your house, you want to be able to know that you can get back inside quickly and without fuss. You need a local locksmith round the corner from you that you can rely on. That’s why you should call Locksmith Whitchurch – we are your comprehensive solution to all things lock related.

You need a locksmith more than you think and we are useful to have saved in your phone. You might need a lock changing because you are worried about who has a key to your home. Perhaps you also might be concerned that you haven’t got the most up to date home security or done enough to protect your home and loved ones. Our locksmiths at Locksmith Whitchurch can help you find a home security solution that suits your concerns and financial means. From key cutting to emergency access, we are here for all your needs.

We have been serving the local residents and businesses of Whitchurch for years and know a solution to every lock problem. Our customers return to us time and again because they know that we will provide a professional service friendly service everytime. We also don’t overcharge, our prices are the most competitive in the area and we don’t add on hidden fees, VAT or a call out fee.

Call us today and make us your local locksmith. Our friendly office team will be able to schedule in a time suited to you or be with you in under an hour – whatever is best for you. As we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year we can be on call whenver you need us.

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Service For Every Need

Locksmiths are an essential part of your everyday security and not just for the times that you are locked out of your home. Locksmith Whitchurch can help you be more secure in your property today by assessing your weak spots that burglars are likely to take advantage of. Our locksmiths provide security surveys to highlight your weak spots and then offer tailored security solutions ranging from simple door chain installations to more sophisticated anti-snap locks and security shutters aimed at local businesses. Sleep more soundly in your property today knowing that you have done all your can to protect it!

However, in those emergency lock-out situations you can also be sure that our locksmiths will respond fast to your call. Working 24 hours a day means we can respond to all calls no matter what time they come in. We know that in that stressful situation you want to be reassured that someone will get you back inside fast and you will be in the hands of a professional, reliable locksmith. You can count on locksmith Whitchurch to get you back inside without any further damage to your property.

Our prices are also something to be relied on, when we give you a quote over the phone we stand by it and you can be sure that we won’t charge VAT or any call out fees. We want high quality locksmith services to be accessible for all locals in Whitchurch, so we ensure that our prices are affordable without compromising on the quality of our services. Call today to let us help you in the everyday and the emergency!

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Locksmith Whitchurch Has Tips For You

Locksmiths are about more than getting you back inside your home when you’re locked out. Or doing that lock change or repair. Locksmith Whitchurch is all about keeping customers safe all year round. We want customers to take our advice after we complete a job for them to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. A less scrupulous locksmith would use the repeated mistakes of customers to get more paid work. But we don’t want you to make the same mistakes again and want to give you some preventative tips today.

These tips come from lcoksmiths Whitchurch asking customers how they got locked out of their home. It’s aimed at getting customers into habits from small changes to their daily lives. That’s what is so great about our tips, they stem from our experience, they are easy and they aren’t expensive at all. Why not try them out? We’ve aimed these tips at the two most common reasons for lock outs today. The first one is customers leaving the house and locking the keys in the house behind them. The second one is customers losing keys on the go and discovering they aren’t in their pocket or bag where they left them.

So let’s start with the first reason. Get yourself a bowl in the hallway or put a hook on the wall. This isn’t for decorative purposes, but a functional reason. The first thing you do when you unlock the door and come in, will be to put those keys in the bowl or on the hook. You won’t wander all over the house putting them in a different place every time. That’s the safe space for the keys inside the home. Outside the home, get yourself a key ring. Putting all your keys in one place, bulking them out, attaching them to something will make them harder to lose. Trust in the words of Our locksmiths – try it today!

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